I am invisible to most, even in the small town I live in. I see everyone else and wonder at how they go about their lives. Intertwined in their own little cliches, as if lost in their own different world, and it baffles me. Why am I not like them? Why do I not feel the need to gossip or even talk to them about their seemingly small problems? I am an outsider, separated from the masses by my own thoughts. I couldn’t tell you if my thoughts are normal for a teen, but they are normal to me. In all honestly I struggle to understand teens mostly girls, even though I am one. myself, I still feel separated. And well these are my thoughts, they are the thoughts of an uglie teen, I hope you are able to find something of worth in them…

And in case you are wondering I meant to misspell uglie, my name is spelled with an ie instead of the more common spelling with a y.


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