In Need of Rehab

Love can be just an addiction. The ultimate high from just the thought of someone.  Your heart pounds as your head spins, and your knees give just in time for you to soar sky high, and sit atop cloud nine. You feel alive in the moment, until the inevitable happens. When you think about it and fall from your day dream and crash back into reality. The pain reminds you of what’s real, and it isn’t love. What’s real is the addiction. After the crash you do anything to get back up again. You never actually love the person the same way no one actually loves the drug. You just love the way it feels. And like drugs trying to cut yourself off to get over them only makes you crave the high more. The blade in your heart will hurt just as much as a needle in your arm, but the high seems worth it. But, it isn’t. You deserve better than just a high. You don’t need someone to make you skyrocket. No what you really need is someone to pick you up. Not to place you on a flimsy cloud but on a pedestal. So they can admire and love you. That’s what you deserve, so drop the needle and do what’s right for you. It might take time, but that person will come around. Good things come to those who wait. 


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