You put a dagger to my chest,
Whispered this is for the best,
My heart beat fast against the blade,
To you I was just a game to be played,
I scream for the pain that’s sure to come,
You sit there and laugh cause you knew you won,
With every sweet word you push it in,
And I loved you more with every sin,
All your words sounded so sweet,
You really swept me off my feet,
I know the blade didn’t miss,
As you began to twist,
Hilt to my skin you struck me deep,
Remembering the broken promises you didn’t keep,
You blocked the light, I couldn’t see,
The dagger that you hid from me,
I choke on the lies you said,
As my world began turning red,
My knees gave and I hit the floor,
You drove the blade in just little more,
Ripping the dagger out my chest,
You whispered this was for the best,
My heart beat one last time,
Then you were gone, though never mine.


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