Tragedy (N.)

A conflict with some overpowering force, as fate or society, to downfall or destruction.

It wasn’t fate today, this was intentional. Bombs aren’t fate, they are created with the sole purpose to cause harm and pain. To inflict fear in the hearts of all those who are to bare witness to it. To cause people to suffer, whether through loss, injury, or just fear. That is their goal, the people who did this, to create a tragedy. Because nothing is more shackling than fear. Nothing could entrap a person more easily, than their own fear. Those who did this hate the freedoms celebrated in America. So this is how they console themselves, they try to ruin what they do not have themselves. I will not be so easily scared. I will continue to enjoy my life, even more so now that this has happened. For me, while I still mourn this as a tragedy, this was nothing more than a reminder of how important it is to enjoy your life. Now more than ever I will enjoy life in memory of all those people who are no longer able to fully enjoy life. As a runner myself I will take even more pleasure in running. Running for every person who can no longer run. I will continue enjoying my life. This will not stop me, nothing will ever stop me. This is my life and you do not get to rob me of its pleasures so easily. Today they will not win.They will never win, for I am not beaten so easily. As long as I shall live, my soul will never be shackled down by their hatred and evil desires. This is a tragedy, but it is not my tragedy, so I shall continue to live my life. 


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