Teens on Dirty Thoughts

Well if this blog is going to be about what teens think about then I have to hit the subject teens think about most right? So Lets be honest most all teens think about one subject more often than others, that subject being none other than the opposite sex (or maybe the same sex don’t want to offend, how ever you swing no judgement). I think a lot of us have the wrong idea about the other sex. Well allow me to give you what I know. So here is the deal girls contrary to popular belief guys can go awhile with out thinking about sex, but obviously if you are showing a little extra then their minds are sure to wander. Otherwise they are constantly thinking about screwing everything with legs. I took a little poll and I found that guys normally think about sex or sexual things about 12-15 times per day on a normal day. And also during my poll asked what they find themselves thinking about most during the day and I got a lot of the same things that the girls said school work, boys/girls, plans, and hobbies among various other things.

Now girls myself included in this poll actually gave up their numbers pretty easily a few denying that they ever  think about sex or sexual things, but for the most part they offer up their numbers. I found that girls think about sex or sexual things about 5-7 times per day. But a lot of the girls admitted if their minds did wander to sexual thoughts they tended to dwell on these thoughts for a longer time than other thoughts. I myself admit to the same if my mind wanders it stays. Girls also saying their most popular thoughts are the same things as guys only the hobbies changed more from sports to friends or clubs. But one thing that may surprise is almost all who honestly answered readily told me that they were stressed out about things like boys or school work many with the feelings of not being good enough or stressed out about their futures. So if you ever are getting stressed out about something big I hope you can be comforted by knowing that other teens are in the exact same boat as you.

Much to my surprise while I was taking these polls I found the poll went the opposite of what I thought. I thought this survey would go the other ways boys giving me strait numbers and girls dancing around the subject. But I was wrong actually it was girls who give me strait numbers, even telling me more about their thoughts and guys who were saying the lowest numbers or saying they never really thought about it at all till I pushed them farther, then they would admit to the real numbers. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was a girl asking them, but that is just what I observed. So there you have it a little insider on the mind of the teen. 


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