Society is corrupt.

Society is an unfeeling entity. It is a parasite that seeks to prosper and grow by feeding off of the insecurities of its host. We allow it to consume us with envy that we should not feel. Envy for the beauty that does not truly exist in others rather than seeing the true beauty that exists within ourselves. Instead of seeing this beauty we see “flaws”, but these “flaws” are just what makes us an individual. They are not mistakes at all, just that which separates us from everyone else. How can we ever learn to be different if we are constantly being told that it is wrong to stand out. If we all try to be the same, we will only find ourselves hating ourselves trying to fit into this mold that society thinks is for the best. We are not meant to be a mass-produced product of a corrupt society. We are meant to be individuals free thinking and free-standing people, who can define for themselves what their vision of beauty looks like. We are all perfect images of ourselves, but we will never be the perfect image of someone else. So when we judge ourselves using the image of someone we can never be and were never meant to be, we will always fall short. We can not be ourselves if we allow society to force us to become someone else. How can we have ingenuity and creativity if we are expected to all follow the same idea and live within the same guide lines? Nothing new will ever come from the same process and the same way of thinking, so in order to improve, we must start with a change. We must stop listening to the beat society plays for us to follow. Instead we must listen to our hearts and follow that beat, because only when we follow our heart can we find our destiny.


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