Hey daddy look at me

Hey daddy look at me,
I grew up while you were out at sea,
I’m not the girl you once knew,
I grew up without you,
I dreamed every night I’d wake up with you in sight,
I guess my dreams didn’t come true,
I woke up without you,
When I fell down you were never around,
You couldn’t catch me,
Cause you were out at sea,
I know it’s selfish of me,
But I hate it when you leave me,
I know you got a job to do,
But to me it’s not worth lossing you,
Daddy I miss you when your gone,
Daddy I try to stay strong,
But daddy you’ve been away way to long,
Not sure how much longer I can stay stronger,
The tides they pull me away,
Every day a little farther,
Drowning in my own tears,
Drowning in my own fears,
Will you make it home one day,
Or will the tides keep you away,
Daddy please come home to me,
Daddy please just leave the sea.


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