The Hard Part.

We all experience crushes, though we don’t like to think of them as a crush. We like to tell ourselves it’s something more than that, we convince ourselves that it was destiny and that soon our crush will see it too. But at some point we have to accept reality but the reality isn’t that you are not good enough for them. The reality is you are too good for them and someone else is even better for you. You don’t deserve someone who is just your crush, you deserve someone who sees you and sees their whole world.

So at some point you do have to move on, but even that doesn’t have to suck. Just hold your head high and when you would normally stop by his locker in the morning to say hi, just keep walking and feel that satisfaction of knowing you are not going to look back, not ever. No forget walking, strut past them, because they don’t realize just whats passing them by. Hold your head high and keep going. I bet there is even someone crazy about you, who you never saw before because you had your head down doodling hearts on your page. This time around, don’t waste your time trying to find them, no this time you let them find you. The easy part is falling and we all know that, but the hard part is getting up and dusting yourself off.



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