Another Book on the shelf…

Ever read an amazing book and the moment you finish
it and put it down and realized you just wasted so much
time? You are only promised this one life, a promise you
may never know the limits of, because you only know your
life by the seconds in which you live it in, for the next
may never come. So this second, this beautiful second in
your life is now lost forever, and those minutes you will
never see again, except maybe in a memory. But why do we remember things?
Do we really have that much time to waste? Looking back only stops
you from moving forward. So why remember when you can live, and more
so why remember painful memories, the ones that are forever to be
unchanged or undone no matter how much we want to change them? Why
must we dwell on such impossible things? You must realize that you
are not entitled to live another day, hour, minute, or second so
don’t waste the few you have on unimportant things. Instead spend
them living your life to the last second the way you want to. If
there is someone who you need to let know your love and admiration
for tell them now do not wait another second. Because just like this
one, the next will only slip away from you, and you will never be promised more.


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